Starfish & Low Tides – Saturna Island

The Ocean is my favourite place to be in the entire world. The sound of the waves, the salty smell, the gentle breeze, and millions of things to see! My Dad helped my uncle build a cabin Saturna island over 10 years ago, now that it’s for sale, I really felt that during this last visit I had to soak everything in.

I woke up one morning and everyone was gone, so I took my camera out for a walk to the most eastern point of the island, praying that God would open my eyes to new things, and He totally did. It was one the lowest tides I’ve ever seen, and the sea life was amazing. Massive barnacles, and crazy patterns on the sandstone with sealife. I’ve seen plenty of starfish that they are hard to impress me anymore, but I saw more that I’ve probably ever seen before. I couldn’t turn any direction without seeing a crevice filled with countless starfish.

Heres a small glimpse of my experience that day with God’s faithfulness and beauty.

Happy Sunday. : )

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