Hannah. Portraits.

This is Hannah. It was such a delight  to spend some one-on-one time with her yesterday. It was the perfect day to take pictures, fresh snow and no rain for once! She is 14 years old, and I can honestly say that, although she is shorter than me, I look up to her. Age is a number. It doesn’t mean much. She definitely knows that. She doesn’t accept the status quo. She longs for so much more out of life than what society offers. She is so beautiful, and fun, and full of life, and pure. Watch out. She has a HUGE future ahead of her. This girl will shake this generation.

Happy Sunday!

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Bliss in snow. Mount Baker.

Ok, I’ll admit it. Physical activity doesn’t really appeal to me all that much, but skiing is one thing I will never pass up! There’s nothing quite like the squeak of fresh snow packing underneath your skis.

Today was the most magical of all ski days. There was a beautiful layer of fresh snow, the sun came out, and there was no wind, no rain. no falling snow and no fog to obstruct your view. Just pure, beautiful glory!

This photo, though I took last New Years Day at Mount Baker, was the rare unpolluted view skiers and snowboarders saw today at Mount Baker. Heavenly? I think so.  It’s hard to deny God when His glory shines so evidently around you!

Happy New Year!