Kirstyn and Thom | Douglas Taylor Park Engagement

Ruth. That’s what Thom thought Kristyn’s name was when they started working together at a pub in England. Kristyn was on a work visa and Thom was working to get his writing career of the ground. Thom eventually gained his way into Kristyn’s heart and was thrilled to put his great aunt’s ring on her finger as a promise of the rest of his life to her. I’m sure a proposal would sound even better yet in a English accent. ; )

It was a bit of an unusual week last week for me. I met Kristyn and Thom on Monday, photographed their engagement session the following day, and proceeded to photograph their gorgeous outdoor Canadian wedding 5 days later. But it was a beautiful and well planned adventure!

Stay tuned for a sneak peek of their wedding next week. : )

Oh, and let me know which picture is your favourite. : )


















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Meghan | Magical Prom Session

I cannot believe this beauty is graduating! I’ve known her for more than four years, walking with her through life as her youth leader, and she has such a beautiful soft heart. So kind, incredibly involved in school and good at so many things. She does not let her talents go to waste.
Once huge point of connect for Meghan and I is Disney (and movie quotes – *Bye Buddy*). When we each have kids, we will both probably still enjoy disney movies more than they will. Which is why this session is so special to me. Everything about Meghan and her surroundings screams “Disney Princess Movie” to me. I dont think I’ve ever squeeled with so much excitement during a session ever! Oh boy. I hope you enjoy these just as much as I do.

















Hair: Zena at The Loft Hair and Beauty Bar
Make Up: Vanessa at The Loft Hair and Beauty Bar
Dress: Agape Bridal
Hair Accessories: Claires
Clutch: DSW Shoes
Earrings: Marshals

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Brittany & Friends | Prom 2013

This is a very scary season for me. Brittany, my baby sister, who no longer has any resemblance of a baby what-so-ever, has graduated highschool. That means i’m getting old.. I can’t blame anything on being naive or inexperienced anymore..
My sister is absolutely Amazing. And amazing people attract other amazing people, right?
Congratulations to my beautiful sister and her equally Beautiful friends, Carissa, Raina, Joel, Josiah, Seth, Caleb, and Austin on completing a beautiful fun season of life and stepping into a new season. It will be hard, fun, wonderful, painful, but I am more than confident that you guys will do amazing with the grace of God leading you down whatever path you take. And have grace for yourselves, No one expects you to be perfect.

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Enjoy life. It truly is beautiful.

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Lavinia – Chilliwack Prom Portraits

On my way drive out to see Lavinia, it poured rain the entire drive. My wipers were going full blast and I prayed the entire day for a break in the weather, but the dark grey blanket in the sky taunted at me with a different attitude. As soon we stepped out of the Tanasa residence, the rain came to a 100% halt, and didn’t continue until we were indoors 2 hours later at the banquet. All I can say is “Praise God!”.

This is dear Lavinia. She radiates beauty and confidence. She had the most beautiful positive attitude and giving heart. I had the privilege of attending her Grad banquet with her family, and everyone around raves about how much this girl truly cares for people.

My only advice for you, Lavinia, is keep it up. Honestly. Don’t change for the world. You are beautiful and bright, and you really do have the most amazing future ahead of you.

Her mom added the most beautiful handmade flowers to a strap and Lavinia’s hair!

I Think this one is my favourite. She’s so Radiant!

Lavinia’s Parents and sisters came along for the ride and had some photo fun as well. A beautiful caring Family. : )

Congratulations Lavinia!

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Jess – Portraits

 Jess is one of those girls that you love being friends with. I haven’t know her for a terribly long time, but there’s so much that I want to tell the world about this gem. She has such a pure heart. She is quiet and gentle, but strong. She is a creator and has a absolutely beautiful gift of making things with her hands. She is extremely gracious. Oh, and VERY beautiful.  There’s so much more that I’m discovering about this beautiful girl, but ’til then, Meet Jess. : )

Happy Monday! : )

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