Jenn | Abbotsford Headshots.

Jenn. The fire that doesn’t burn out. The prayer who seeks His face. The girl who CRIES out for revival. and she won’t stop. She’s amazing.. and She’s beautiful. Here are some of her headshots as she’s trying to be a light in the dark world of media.


Jess – Portraits

 Jess is one of those girls that you love being friends with. I haven’t know her for a terribly long time, but there’s so much that I want to tell the world about this gem. She has such a pure heart. She is quiet and gentle, but strong. She is a creator and has a absolutely beautiful gift of making things with her hands. She is extremely gracious. Oh, and VERY beautiful.  There’s so much more that I’m discovering about this beautiful girl, but ’til then, Meet Jess. : )

Happy Monday! : )

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