Lieuwen Sisters | Portraits

This weekend was a beautiful thing. With these beautiful women in different places of their lives, working and school, and in four seperate cities across two provinces, when they all come togethers, it is kind of a big deal.

Laughter and fun seems to. These girls are goofy and fun and SUCH a joy to be around! Thank you SO much for letting me capture you ladies!











Have an amazing long weekend!

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The Booy’s | Abbotsford Family Pictures

This Family is fantastic.
Ange Booy is one of the kindest, most caring, most genuine people I’ve ever met. Words don’t really explain how sweet she is. She’s such an encourager, and she’s trustworthy and captivating. She’s the kind of person who asks questions because she actually wants to know the answer. The whole family exudes strength. I had the privilege of taking her photo along with her brother, Josh and parents Henry and Brenda. Josh is a courageous, Henry is a fighter, and Brenda is a trooper! They have a beautiful farm in Sumas Flats. It was a perfect day. The whole family was brought together for Thanksgiving. A true thing to be thankful for.
Here are some shots from their Fall shoot.

Happy Monday!!

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