Currently | take 2

So it took a little bit longer than I intended to take to write another one. Maybe I set too lofty of a goal. haha
Never the less.. here we go. This is what I’ve been currently…
…working on: Packing and preparing for the sun! Off to Meh-Hi-Ko with a group of young adults from my church, then hanging out in San Diego for a couple days. Mexico will be packed full with activity after activity – hanging out at the Tijuana dump and doing food hampers and ‘dance’ classes for single moms, and San Diego I have absolutely nothing planned. oh Adventure..
And here’s a beautiful song in honor of my trip…
…anticipating: my little sister graduating! Such a weird feeling. My baby sister isn’t in high school anymore. I really should stop calling her my baby sister.. but old habits are hard to break. I had the privilege of taking her grad photos, and we had so much fun together. She’s all growed up(not to mention drop dead GORGEOUS!)
Trisha Stegenga Photography |
…obsessing over: Aerial Acrobatics! I started taking a class on Aerial silks 4 months ago, and obsessed seems to be an understatement! It is the most thrilling, adrenaline pumping, kick in the pants, and I love it!  I’ve already mapped out my entire future, and plan to run away to the circus within the next year.. If you don’t hear from me for a significant amount of time at any point, you’ll know where to find me.
I should bring my camera to class sometime to capture some of the beautiful things that the girls I spend time with are achieving. Until then, here are some fancy(not mine) photos.
…eating: my weight in butter chicken. I literally think of any excuse to ‘forget to being a  lunch to work’ so I can go to the stinking best Indian food place IN THE WORLD(location remains a secret unless you want to go there with me)! I eat it at work, while driving to dance recitals, to kill time before having to be somewhere… I can’t help it. it’s just so good.
I made it for the first time last week with this recipe with a few adjustments ( 1.5 cups of coconut milk and 1.5 cups of almond milk instead of 3 cups of heavy cream, coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, and it calls for a cup of butter which I made it with, but it was a little excessive! you could probably get away with a half cup):
mmmm Butter Chicken Chunga Hai!

…dreaming: about ALOT actually… A bunch of business ideas(rebranding, expanding, creative a wedding vendor network), and a bunch of personal goals…

…listening to: A new obsession that I have found.. Jenny and Tyler..

…laughing at: the fact that I pick up other peoples laughs WAY too easily! i bet people get annoyed of hearing own laughs literally echoes back at them..

…wishing: I was in shape enough to have done tough mudder this year. It looks like the most torturous, horrible, energy sucking, scar creating event, but oh what a challenge. Seeing people post photo after photo on Facebook makes me sad that my lungs hate running more than my will currently does.

…Learning: to slow down.. Enjoy life instead of packing it full of activities that only wear me out.. Learning to enjoy the many many beautiful things God has placed around me..
Have a happy 4th of July!

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