Currently | Take 1.

Tanis of Tanis Katie Photography puts these out every month, and every time I read them, I get really jealous because I think it’s the coolest idea. So, I got up the courage to steal it, and adapted it a little. But I’m hoping to do these regularly!

Here we go. This is what I’ve been currently…

…obsessing over: Noise Trade!!!  I’ve finally gone from Songza to iTunes on my computer at work, and I’m LOVING the new music I’ve gotten! The beautiful Makaela Peters introduced me to and I might be addicted. Cody Fry is my favourite artist that I’ve found through there. And you all should download his CD because it’s free..!

Click here for Cody Fry’s Free Audio:Cinema CD

Best song..? Stop Breathing!

oh, or this one…

…working on: that horrible t word… t..t…t..taxes…. It’s almost a cuss word… Turns out last year I was incredibly naive as per what to save and what not to, and I kept all my useless bills and threw out anything of importance. Yuck.
…thinking about: The fact that I am 50 times more organized that I’ve probably ever been in my life! Organizing my client meetings, and work schedule and social events and family ‘gatherings’ and language class(Punjabi. woot!) and gym schedule and youth schedule and I’m not even stressed about it! Props to me!
…eating: I found the BEST cake recipe EVER!!! Chocolate Dream cake with Oreo cream cheese filling… It’s so good that I actually made it twice in the last week because it doesn’t stay in my house..!
Here’s the recipe: (let me know if you bake it!)

…dreaming: Sun. Heat. Driving with the window rolled(yes, manually rolled) down and music blaring and singing on the top of my lungs. Not having to wear a sweater over every shirt I own. I am quite excited for goose bumps to not be a normal accessory on my arms!

…wishing: a gym membership didn’t cost so much money. Turns out I’m more afraid of commitment than I thought, and month to month membership to Goodlife fitness is $72 a month….? Oi. I could build my own full size, fully-functioning gym out of popsicle sticks for that price!

…listening to: I know I already posted about music, but another artist that I’m currently obsessed with is Chris August! Another find for me has been his unreleased(..!) album and it’s free! Please get hooked on his melodic voice and sweet lyrics like I did!!

Click Here for Chris August’s free Unreleased CD

…Learning: Rest is a fantastic and MUCH needed thing. And not just any rest. Waiting on God and regularly spending time in his presence. I have been overly busy and stressed out to the max the last couple months, and my lack of ‘resting’ and waiting on God made me burn out, and I crashed hard. Busyness isn’t a bad thing. But for me, the combination of being busy and not giving myself time to rest and lean on God for my strength, that is lethal.

…laughing at: These little nuggets I’ve found on Pinterest… ( brought to you by Disney)

lion king haha

Lion King Be Prepared.

i can show you the world.. @Hannah Juras

Follow me on pinterest for other giggles and all the creative ideas I’ve gathered but can’t take credit for!
So Check out Tanis’ ‘Currently’ entries, stay tuned for mine next month, and in the mean time, write your own!
Happy Easter!!! : )

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