Josh & Karly | Mission Wedding Photography

In life, I’ve found that everyone has their own opinions. You can’t do anything without someone praising you, and someone else judging you. I have so much respect of Josh and Karly. Teenage marriage has a horribly un-encouraging stereotype stuck to it that it won’t last. A lot of people associate teenage love with lust, but, modeled by their parents, I truly believe these two know what love really is. The way they look at each other shows not only love, but commitment. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it is, but it’s undeniable. They’re a beautiful team. And their beautiful daughter is being raised in the most beautiful way with so much support around them. These two are in it for the long haul.

Their wedding was in Josh’s backyard, and you couldn’t look in any directions without seeing a handful of beautifully handcrafted details. (Little shout-out to Pinterest). Everything from bride/groom games for guests to play while they waited, to the table settings, to the S’more roasting bar, to the lock on Karly’s bouquet and key on josh’ boutonniere. It was extremely impressive!

I’ve had the privilege of walking with Josh and Karly in a photographic sense. I had the privilege of shooting their maternity pictures, and their newborn picturs as well. Their breathtaking baby girl is growing up so fast! Click here for Josh and Karly’s maternity shoot, and click here for the Newborn photoshoot with Jonnie.

I just LOVE this one!

Thank you Karly and Josh for giving me the privilege of celebrating your day with you!

Be Blessed!!

Happy Monday.

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2 thoughts on “Josh & Karly | Mission Wedding Photography

  1. I wasn’t able to make it to Josh and Karly’s wedding, so it was so nice being able to see pictures of the big day. Simply beautiful!

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