Cam & Sara | Minter Gardens Wedding

It makes me smile just to think about these two. The way Cam absolutely beams at Sara. the way Sara melts under Cam’s gaze.. Sigh..

Cam and Sara had a beautiful wedding and reception at Minter Gardens in Chilliwack. They couldn’t have had a more beautiful day. The clouds didn’t even dare to threaten us. I had never been there previous to going with these two, and I could see what the hype was all about. There is so much variety to the grounds, and we nearly ran out of time to visit all the locations we wanted, and with such a beautiful photogenic couple, it was hard to stop taking pictures.

(Click here for Cam and Sara’s Engagement Pictures from last fall.)

Here’s a glimpse of their special day. : )

It takes alot for me to cry at a wedding, But Cam made me come close.


SUCH a fun bridal party. : )

Thank you to both of you for letting me be apart of the most important day of your life. It was such a joy to be with you two and document your commitment.

Happy Wednesday. : )

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