Jimmy and Kelly Cochrane | Langley Wedding

Kelly and I have been friends since we learned our ABC’s in kindergarten. Back when life was simple, I wanted to be her friend, and she must have thought my lime green head-to-toe outfits were cool because we’ve been friends ever since.

Kelly and Jimmy met at highschool in Grade 9, and they were friends right away but Jimmy moved away in grade 11, and the two of them stayed in contact. Little did they know that a highschool crush would lead them here. Jimmy and Kelly’s relationship is so real and it was such an honor to photograph their wedding. Everything and everyone matched so beautifully. Every detail was thought out from the Stenography on the game books to keep people entertained, the head table flowers, to photo props, to the hilarious and touching speeches from family and friends.

Here is the absolutely radiant Kelly and her handsome groom, Jimmy.

Each guest at the wedding received one of these fun booklets of games. Kelly is a stenographer and the writing on the back, “SKWR*US/MAERD” means “Just Married” in steno. so fun! 

Thank you Jimmy and Kelly for letting me have a part of your beautiful day!

Blessings to both of you on the amazing road that lies ahead of you.


Happy Sunday!

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