Lavinia – Chilliwack Prom Portraits

On my way drive out to see Lavinia, it poured rain the entire drive. My wipers were going full blast and I prayed the entire day for a break in the weather, but the dark grey blanket in the sky taunted at me with a different attitude. As soon we stepped out of the Tanasa residence, the rain came to a 100% halt, and didn’t continue until we were indoors 2 hours later at the banquet. All I can say is “Praise God!”.

This is dear Lavinia. She radiates beauty and confidence. She had the most beautiful positive attitude and giving heart. I had the privilege of attending her Grad banquet with her family, and everyone around raves about how much this girl truly cares for people.

My only advice for you, Lavinia, is keep it up. Honestly. Don’t change for the world. You are beautiful and bright, and you really do have the most amazing future ahead of you.

Her mom added the most beautiful handmade flowers to a strap and Lavinia’s hair!

I Think this one is my favourite. She’s so Radiant!

Lavinia’s Parents and sisters came along for the ride and had some photo fun as well. A beautiful caring Family. : )

Congratulations Lavinia!

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One thought on “Lavinia – Chilliwack Prom Portraits

  1. Wow! Trisha these photos took my breath away. You are such a gifted photographer and I was so blessed to have you share my special day!

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